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We fund research throughout the state. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Homepage_Research_Tropical Storm Precipitation

Tropical Storm Precipitation

Tropical storms temporarily increase stream flow by an average of 866 percent, with larger surges in wet years.


Woody Perennial Polyculture

The country’s first savanna-based agriculture system captured 5-10 times more nitrate than corn and soybean in its second year.

Homepage_Research_Litter in Urban Streams

Litter in Urban Streams

An estimated 21-78 metric tons of human debris is present in five Chicago-area watersheds at any time.


Nutrient Loss Reduction

Nutrient Loss Reduction

We work with agencies, communities, industry partners, and researchers to implement the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy and track phosphorus and nitrogen reductions.

Professional Engagement

Professional Engagement

Our memberships in national water-related organizations give Illinois researchers and students access to a wide array of workshops, conferences, fellowships, and grant programs.

Illinois Water Conference

Illinois Water Conference

Since 1998, our biennial conference has brought together scientists, agency personnel, and students to discuss the latest research on Illinois water resource issues.

Water Operator

Water Operator

Through a collaboration with state, regional, and federal partners, we oversee a web portal with free technical and training resources tailored to small community water and wastewater operators.

The Private Well Class

The Private Well Class

We partner with state, regional, and federal organizations to offer a web-based curriculum for well owners, realtors, and others interested in well care best practices.



We co-produce an interview series that takes readers behind the scenes of the latest research on emerging contaminants.



“Water Is” Photo Contest Deadline Extended

Illinois photographers have until September 15 to share photos that capture what water means to them, their communities, and the state. First place winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.


Illinois Water 2016 Early Bird Registration Extended

Early bird registration for the Illinois Water Conference is available through October 7

Video photo

New Video Showcases Cost-Effective Nitrogen Removal Practice

Educational video explains the science and economic advantages of woodchip bioreactors, one of several practices recommended in the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.